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ThinFilm Outsourcing...

ThinFilm Solutions manages the procurement of optical coatings for customers: from the design through to manufacture. We can also identify suppliers and manage production for you. We can also offer a range of off the shelf coatings for your optics - click here to see our current range.

ThinFilm Solutions can open markets for your products. We go beyond support of manufacturing activity alone. Years of experience have given us a perspective on how coated products are exploited profitably.

ThinFilm Solutions offer technical marketing assistance for coated products. We build persuasive technical and commercial presentations, and can research possible outlets for coated products. Our access to markets extends internationally and across many sectors of the coatings marketplace.

ThinFilm Solutions can help identify technical developments, which would open up a leading advantage in your chosen markets. We build project plans to achieve the performance advantages you seek and prepare business plans to evaluate the commercial merit of planned developments.

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 Bandpass Filters 
 Cold Mirror 
 Colour Wheel Filters 
 Digital Camera Filters Back to top
 Excitation & Blocking Filters for Fluorescence Microscope use 
 Graded Dichroic Mirror 
 Non-polarizing Beamsplitter 
 UV-IR Blocking Filter Back to top
 Wide-angle High-reflectivity Mirror 
 Wide-angle Broadband PBS P-Polarization 
 Wide-angle Broadband PBS S-Polarization 
 X Cube Back to top
Outsourcing: 03.05.04