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Plasma Deposition Source Plasma in action Precision 6-way Quartz Crystal Monitoring Head Automated Control Technology via Touchscreen


ThinFilm Technology to enhance…

  • Throughput
  • Precision
  • Control

ThinFilm Solutions offers key enabling technologies for your coating processes to enhance…


  • Plasma Deposition Source enabling low-temperature high deposition rate processes
  •       Download Plasma Source Technical Brief (1Mb)  

          Plasma Deposition System - Download PDS Info (1.8Mb)  


  • High-Precision Quartz and Optical Monitoring
  •       Six-way Quartz Crystal Measuring Head - Download Xtal Head Info (437k)  

          Optical Monitoring System - Download Optical Monitor Info (258k)  


  • Integrated Automation for Process and Functional Control
  •       Download Automated Control Technical Brief (350k)  

          Automated Vacuum System Control - Download ACTIVAD Info (1.4Mb)  

          Pump Control System - Download Pump Controller Info (272k)  

    Other products include:

          Design Software (FILM*STAR etc.) - Download Software Packages Info (284k)  

          Machine Vision Inspection - Download Precision Vision Info (314k)  

    Technology: 22.12.03