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ThinFilm Solutions works with recognised process system manufacturers. This enables us to combine our process installation and support expertise with coating systems of proven operational reliability.

ThinFilm Solutions works with clients to select the best technology and systems for their needs. Design evaluation and practical trials can all be included in projects. We help to control the risk associated with major investments in process systems.

ThinFilm Solutions supplies:

  • systems with process installed
  • operator training
  • design and diagnostic support

ThinFilm Solutions maintains a clear view of clients needs and is not bound to any single systems manufacturer.

Our systems partners include:

    Applied Multilayers Ltd. 

    Thin Film Innovations Ltd. 

    Satis Vacuum Industries SpA. 

    Vacuum Process Technology Inc. 

ThinFilm Solutions can also source pre-owned and refurbished coating systems for special applications.

Systems: 22.12.03